Aitoro Appliance

Norwalk, CT 06851



After being let go from a hat factory, president and CEO Tony Aitoro’s father (Vincent), grandfather (Anthony), and two uncles (Rudy and Carmine) decided to open a variety store on Ely Avenue in South Norwalk.

One day, a man pulled up with a Maytag wringer washing machine. They had no room to display it in their store, so Vincent set it on the sidewalk—and quickly sold it to a customer passing by. He immediately called the man and asked him to bring two more washing machines.

Seventy years later, Aitoro offers the most sought after brand names in appliances and electronics to customers of all tastes and budgets, along with an unparalleled customer experience.

The award-winning Aitoro Appliance Showroom—which moved to Westport Avenue in Norwalk in 1963 to accommodate for the business’s steady growth—has been consistently recognized for housing some of the country’s most beautiful, fully functioning kitchen displays.